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2015 Endurance Racing Season

This year we will once again be running the same Birel Step 1 kart package, with motor upgrades to 12hp. This engine upgrade will kick the excitement up a notch while still being reliable and low cost. Top speeds are up 10 mph over last years numbers.
Once again there will be five 200 lap (220 mile) races for teams of 4 drivers with a minimum total weight of 750 lbs. No more having to compete with teams of skinny boys. This series is set up for the big guys to rule. The kart is $3800 with total first season cost of under $6000 for everything. That is only $1500 per driver. Of course the next season will be much cheaper since you will already have the kart.
This series is great for Families, Businesses, Civic groups or just a fun thing for some buddies to do. Put your team together now. You can substitute and change team members for each race so you can use up to 20 drivers per season. Imagine splitting the cost among 20 people. Maybe its time to call your old fraternity, or alumni association and get on board.

It's NEVER too late to find real excitement !

Call and reserve today at 850-510-4188

Race Starting Times
  • Gates Open: 8:00 am
  • Practice Begins: 9:00 am
  • Practice Ends: 11:00 am
  • Drivers Meeting: 11:30 am
  • Racing Begins: 12:00 pm

New Rental Rates & Rides!

January 19, 2009 - Beginning immediately, after completion of the mandatory Drivers School to get your license you will be able to take laps in each of the kart lines in the Monticello Karting stable. Ten lap sessions on the 1.1 mile sprint track can now be purchased for the standard Birel 1NX-35 Rock Rental Karts, the new Birel Step 1 kart and even the fast and furious Easykart 125! Contact Monticello Karting to reserve your ride now!

Kart Fee
Birel NX-35 Rock Kart
Step 1 Endurance Kart
Easykart 125

New Safety Policy

Due to the recent Florida Supreme Court ruling watering down the power of parental waivers and releases MKMC is in the middle of a policy review with regards to safety at the track. We believe that most of our current safety policies are adequate if people will adhere to them. There are some areas that have not been clarified to date and others that have tended to be ignored. These are some of the areas we need to emphasize at this time. MKMC golf carts are to be operated by MKMC staff and safety personnel only.

  1. Private golf carts and all other motor vehicles must be operated by persons holding a valid drivers license.
  2. No unauthorized personnel are allowed inside the fenced racetrack area.
  3. There is no spectators allowed on pit road or within the grid area. Access to this area is intended for kart racers and mechanics that are participating in the current race. Each racer only needs one mechanic to help lift their kart.
  4. No mechanical work is to be preformed on the pit road, grid or anywhere in the restricted area. Mechanical work is to be done in the pits.
  5. All people entering the pit area on race days must have a pit pass. NO EXCEPTIONS. Offenders must leave the property immediately.

Monticello Karting needs the help of all of our racers and members in making sure these rules are followed. We cannot afford a full time security staff to make people behave. And nobody wants that type of environment at the track. We need to police this ourselves. Please do your part to keep MKMC a safe and fun place to be.

MKMC is a private racing facility located just outside of the town of Monticello in North Florida. Our track was especially designed for kart racing with the expressed goal of joining the ranks of the best karting tracks in the world. We are not an amusement park or concession center, although we do offer driving schools in our "track karts".

Karting at our club is serious wheel-to-wheel racing! Only race karts approved by sanctioning bodies such as the World Karting Association and CIK - Commission Internationale De Karting - FIA are allowed to race on the track. But, with that said, it's also about as much fun as a person can have without breaking any laws.



Upcoming Events

Feb 20 - MKMC Sprint Race.

Feb 21 - MKMC Endurance Race.

Mar 12 - MKMC Sprint Race.

April 9 - MKMC Sprint Race.

May 14 - MKMC Sprint Race.

Jun 4 - MKMC Sprint Race.






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